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Where Hospitality Intelligence Meets Innovative Data Analysis

HotelIQ Decision Cloud gives hoteliers the vision, insights, and processes they need to excel as a business

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Features & Benefits

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Organize every aspect of your business within one intuitive platform

Hoteliers must wear many hats – marketer, salesperson, HR, customer service, and other day-to-day operations. 

To fulfil these roles, they need a multi-faceted platform that captures the unique requirements of their business, because no hotel is the same.

More than that, they need an analytics platform that eliminates the use of unstructured business information, enforcing data standards across all hotels and systems within an organization.

HotelIQ frees hoteliers from the clunky spreadsheets and provides a robust and repeatable approach to hospitality-based intelligence and analytics.

With our hospitality-focused business intelligence tool, hoteliers can seamlessly integrate tasks and requirements across multiple areas of the business, gaining a 360-degree view of their business.

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Analyze your performance to make data-driven decisions and identify opportunities

HotelIQ is where hospitality excellence meets data analysis and strategic decision-making. 

Developed by hoteliers, for hoteliers, our system empowers hotel managers with actionable insights to help drive their business forward.

With a user-friendly interface, smart filters, and intuitive features like interactive dashboards and reports, you can see exactly how your business is performing at every level.

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Plan your growth and success with solutions from hospitality specialists

HotelIQ consolidates over 60 years of hospitality experience, empowering hoteliers with proven processes and valuable resources.

This means that you gain a framework to implement new strategies, processes, and services. It’s like getting a blueprint to upgrade your hotel performance.

By learning to read and respond to the data behind your performance, you can create more accurate forecasts, set achievable goals, and optimize the processes that slow you down.

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Supercharge your forecasting and projection ability, identify low-performance areas, and pinpoint key sales levers to drive revenue decisions.


Across teams to achieve revenue goals

Managing a large team or a chain of hotels requires an intense commitment to collaboration and a platform within which to collaborate.

With HotelIQ Decision Cloud, admins can create role-based access permissions, schedule detailed reports to automatically be delivered to stakeholders, and share views with other users within your organization to level the data playing field and drive collaborative decision-making.

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Here’s why over 1000 hotels around the world use HotelIQ Decision Cloud to power their business

Perfect the art of hospitality with state-of-the-art platform

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HotelIQ integrates with your tech stack seamlessly

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