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Plan for Success With Automated Forecasting

The HotelIQ Decision Cloud Forecasting & Budgeting Apps are the ultimate tool for hoteliers. They give you the power to quickly create accurate baselines using data from your hotel’s PMS, and use AI-powered predictive analysis to detect potential risks. Wow, right?

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HotelIQ Decision Cloud Benefits

Fast, Easy, and Accurate: The Forecasting Trifecta

  • Eliminate the Need for Spreadsheet-Based Processes
  • Work With the Latest Data, Always
  • Unify Budgeting and Planning Across Your Organization

Imagine a world where all it takes is a couple of clicks of a mouse to access accurate, up-to-date forecasts that everybody in your company trusts, and where AI-powered risk detection algorithms notify you automatically when a potential issue presents.

That world is HotelIQ, and you’re inches away from it.

Forecasting: The Unsung Hero in a Dynamic Environment

Great helper & supporter in order to prepare the budget and forecasts in detail. Effective tool to see revenue analysis with a comparable version both monthly and annually.

Fatih Senuslu

General Manager, InterContinental Istanbul.

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Eliminate the Need for Spreadsheet-Based Processes

There’s no bigger waste of time and money than manually building out your forecasts in Excel. And let’s not forget about the risk of human errors and formula mishaps (like the dreaded #REF!).

Modern hoteliers have outgrown these processes and require automation, precision, and predictive capabilities. HotelIQ Decision Cloud delivers them all seamlessly.

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“Leveraging customer data leads to a 17% increase in hotel reservations ”

Work With the Latest Data, Always

The world is one heck of a dynamic place. From innovative technology to changing customer trends and sudden pandemics, you must be on your toes to stay in front of the crowd.

But you can’t be nimble if you’re working off of stale budgets and plans. This is where HotelIQ’s AI-powered demand forecasting and risk detection algorithms save the day. They allow you to spot trends, risks, and opportunities the very moment they arise and not months or years later.

dynamic hotel data chart

Unify Budgeting and Planning Across Your Organization

Have you ever sat down in a crucial budget meeting and then spent the entire day arguing over the forecast spreadsheets themselves?

We have, and it’s a nightmare, both for you and your company’s performance.

With HotelIQ Decision Cloud, your organization gets consolidated forecast & budget baselines, so you can argue and debate about what matters — analysis, strategy, and action plans.

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What’s the Rest of the Industry Saying
About HotelIQ?


Some really great things! Here’s what we’ve heard from our clients:


Great insight of hotel's performance: very user friendly,great deal of detail, Very useful tool for forecasting and budgeting purposes

Director of Revenue

City Center in United Kingdom


Extremely user friendly and easy to navigate. Great dashboards, provide a simplistic overview and summary of business performance.Reporting tools help formulate executive strategies. Report automation which eliminates 90% of the manual reports which are time consuming.

Group Director of Revenue from City Center,

United Arab Emirates

What Types of Hotels Does HotelIQ Help

Our digital workspace is perfect for all types of hotels. It doesn’t matter if you’re running a luxury boutique hotel in Bhutan, beach bungalows in the Caribbean, or an InterContinental on Times Square.

Thanks to our combined 60+ years of hospitality experience, we’ve managed to make scale and location irrelevant by building a comprehensive and flexible hotel analytics platform that adapts to your business, processes, and data.

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Improved hotel forecasting and business performance is within reach.