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Target the Right Customers at the
Right Time

HotelIQ Decision Cloud equips marketing managers with a serious toolkit of analytical features that aids them in spotting the perfect opportunities, potential threats, and actionable trends.

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hotel customer targeting

Design Tailored Marketing Campaigns

It’s no longer enough to make a simple ad and wait for the customers to flock in. 

Today’s business environment is increasingly competitive and complex, and hotels need to invest in creating customized, data-driven digital marketing ideas and campaigns if they want to be heard by target customers.

And this is why your hotel's marketing staff will be amazed by the insights they’ll be able to pull effortlessly from HotelIQ — the sort of info that makes or breaks ROI!

hotel marketing campaigns

Adopt a Continuous Improvement Philosophy

Marketing your hotel is all about tinkering with your strategy until you find the perfect one and then tinkering on to make sure it doesn’t become outdated as your competitors evolve.

But you can’t commit to continuous improvement if you can’t measure your performance accurately and quickly.

Not a problem if you’ve got HotelIQ, though. Optimize away!

hotel planning

Identify Hidden Demand Generation Opportunities

Without an automated and intuitive hotel analytics tool, it’s impossible to find enough time in your day to scour through millions of cells worth of data in search of hidden opportunities.

However, when you add HotelIQ to the mix, everything changes. What used to take days now takes minutes, and you have visualizations instead of boring columns and rows.

There’s nowhere left to hide for those shy opportunities.

hotel forecasting

Here’s What Our Happy Clients Are Saying
About HotelIQ


There’s nothing more important than our clients in our data-rich world. And this makes each testimonial we receive an honor as well as motivation to keep going!


HotelIQ is one of the most revolutionary products to come our way in some time. It has helped a number of our hotels maximize performance by providing quick and immediate insight. You will be amazed at how easy and intuitive it is, and how much it will help your hotel drive top-line revenue.

Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Branded in Toronto


Hotel IQ has allowed us to extract information in such great detail that business decisions are made much more efficiently and with greater intelligence. The easy access of information "on demand" without delays with the ability to drill down as needed is the most effective tool we have ever utilized. Highly recommend it and can't imagine being without it!

Assistant General Manager

Boutique in Laguna Beach


Hotel IQ is a fast and easy way for me and my team to extract valuable data and apply different criteria (source, channel, segments and many more) in order for us to understand better our business and make quick decision to impact positively our business

Regional Director of Sales and Marketing

Boutique in Miami Beach

See the Benefits of HotelIQ For Yourself

Ready to combine the art of hoteliering with the science of decision making and data analysis? Of course, you are!

So let us show you how HotelIQ can turn your hotel’s real-time data into information that underpins your future decisions and performance.