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Drive Your Organization With Hotel Analytics

It’s time to leverage the latest technology and transform your complex, confusing data into interactive dashboards, reports, and charts.

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HotelIQ Decision Cloud Benefits

Unlock the Game-Changing Insights Hiding in Excel

  • Empower Your People To Take Data-Driven Decisions
  • Improve Productivity Across the Board
  • Take Full Control of Filters and Granularity

HotelIQ is the digital crossroads where your expertise in hospitality meets our software’s scientific approach to running hotels and equipping them with cutting-edge hotel data analytics.

Simple Yet Powerful Data Analysis for Smarter Hotels

Relying on actual and timely data to help make the right business decisions is significantly crucial for any business at any time. HotelIQ delivers that and more. Partnering with STR and other data resources gives hotels the needed edge in today's competitive marketplace. The forecasting tool makes budgeting and future planning seamless

Alexi Hakim

GM Intercontinental Toronto Centre

hotel data chart

Empower Your People To Make Data-Driven Decisions

HotelIQ is precisely what a hotelier needs. 

That’s no coincidence — it’s been designed by hoteliers for hoteliers, making it the most granular and sophisticated hotel customer data analytics platform made specifically for the hospitality sector.

Regardless of your specific focus and job role (from analyst to CEO), our cloud-based software supplies you with actionable insights in incredibly easy-to-digest formats, such as quick-view dashboards, tables, and graphs.

All you need to do is pick from a varied selection of function-related apps (including Pickup, Pace, Market Mix, Booking Channel, Feeder Market, Room Type, or Loyalty Membership), combine the data with your experience, and drive your business forward.

hotel data-driven decision chart

Improve Productivity Across the Board

Everybody hates spending hours (or days) on data collection, input, and visualization. It takes an eternity, costs a fortune, and by the time you’re done, your brain is fried.

HotelIQ Decision Cloud makes this a problem of the past by using automated data feeds from your property management system (PMS) and other internal and external sources.

You get access to information with the simple click of a button, and what’s more, it’s already displayed in intuitive and interactive visualizations. Now that’s the way to start a Monday morning!

hotel revenue chart

Take Full Control of Filters and Granularity

HotelIQ isn’t a fixed one-size-fits-all hotel analytics software platform.

You have the complete flexibility to modify reports and views as you please. Use user-friendly features, customization options, and smart filters to decide whether you want to analyze overarching trends or the teeny-tiniest details. It’s entirely up to you.

hotel advanced parameters chart

What Are Other Hoteliers Saying About HotelIQ?

Good things! Here’s the word on the street:

HotelIQ is one of the most revolutionary products to come our way in some time. It has helped a number of our hotels maximize performance by providing quick and immediate insight. You will be amazed at how easy and intuitive it is, and how much it will help your hotel drive top-line revenue.

Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Branded Hotel in Toronto


We have seven hotels on three different PMS's. HotelIQ allows us to pull up data on any combination. We have removed many of our ad-hoc reports that we spent hours compiling, now it's just three clicks


Thomas Rosario

VP of Revenue, Classic Hotels & Resorts, Phoenix


HotelIQ has enhanced our ability to develop a culture of recommendations amongst our revenue leaders. Today, our meetings and discussions are far more productive since our teams are armed with not simply data but insights that aid faster and more effective decision-making.


Group Director Revenue Management and Distribution

Boutique Hotel in Singapore

What Types of Hotels Does HotelIQ Help

Our digital workspace is perfect for all types of hotels. It doesn’t matter if you’re running a luxury boutique hotel in Bhutan, beach bungalows in the Caribbean, or an InterContinental on Times Square.

Thanks to our combined 60+ years of hospitality experience, we’ve managed to make scale and location irrelevant by building a comprehensive and flexible hotel analytics platform that adapts to your business, processes, and data.

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