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Nationwide Hotel Management Company Uses HotelIQ Business Intelligence to Outperform Competition

Having grown their portfolio to over 100 WoodSpring Suites hotels, totaling over 14,000 rooms across the United States, Nationwide Hotel Management Company needed a solution that could bring together their vast amount of data, giving their distributed Revenue Management team easy access to actionable insights from which to make decisions. Implementing a revenue management system would’ve been a costly, lengthy process, and couldn’t offer the granular details they were looking for at both the portfolio and individual hotel levels. Other solutions didn’t meet the unique reporting and analytics needs of the extended-stay segment. Partnering with HotelIQ, they were able to get the best of both worlds.

HotelIQ worked with Nationwide’s VP Revenue Management, Robert Goad; taking into account the organization’s unique market segment, distribution channel, room type, length-of-stay and ancillary revenue data to create a customized solution built around Nationwide’s needs. As a result, he and his team now have access to unprecedented reporting and analytics, offering granular insights at the portfolio, regional and property levels.

From start to finish, the design, setup and rollout of HotelIQ took just 4 months. When HotelIQ’s implementation was completed in early 2020, no one could have known how crucial this newfound insight would be over the following months as the industry was rocked by the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s proven to be a significant competitive advantage to Nationwide, allowing them to outperform competitors.

Intelligent Hospitality’s cloud-based analytic tool, HotelIQ, has been a vital resource for Nationwide’s 100+ hotels. During this unprecedented time in hospitality, HotelIQ provides current and actionable data that has helped my portfolio dramatically outperform competitors. Access to data will be vital in developing strategies for a strong recovery – I greatly appreciate Intelligent Hospitality’s continued partnership.

Robert Goad, VP Revenue Management