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HotelIQ Announces a New Partnership with Zucchetti North America

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  • HotelIQ Announces a New Partnership with Zucc...

Intelligent Hospitality – developer and owner of HotelIQ Decision Cloud, a sophisticated analytics and business intelligence platform for global hoteliers – and Zucchetti North America – the North American outpost of the Italian-based Zucchetti Group, offering an all-in-one, fully integrated tech stack for hotels and lodging accommodations of all sizes and types­ – are proud to announce a new partnership. Using both HotelIQ Decision Cloud and the Vertical Booking CRS (owned by Zucchetti North America), hotels are now empowered to combine Insight with Action, making it possible to boost their bookings, optimize their reservations management and use their property data to better identify opportunities to increase revenue and operational efficiency.

The four pillars of business intelligence, offered through HotelIQ Decision Cloud, are Organize, Analyze, Plan and Collaborate – all of which, combined, give hotels the most complete Insight into their property’s performance, from micro and macro levels:

1.     Organize: Standardize data across hotels and systems. Capture the unique requirements of the business because no two hotels are the same.

2.     Analyze: Track key metrics, across multiple dimensions, with a user-friendly interface and intuitive filters. Oversee business performance at every level.

3.     Plan: Using proprietary algorithms and AI technology, you can highlight opportunities and threats, build accurate forecasts and budgets, giving you a map for your property’s success.

4.     Collaborate: Communicate, schedule and share in-depth reports, keeping all departments on the same page, and working collaboratively, within HotelIQ, to make better, data-based business decisions.

By leveraging the Vertical Booking CRS, in conjunction with HotelIQ Decision Cloud, a fifth pillar of business intelligence is added: Action. The combination of the two systems gives hoteliers proactive data intelligence, empowering more educated decision-making that will yield more bookings throughout the reservations cycle, and into the future. In addition to increasing occupancy, the two solutions combined ensure higher RevPAR on each room sold, maximizing profitability.

“Many hoteliers don’t understand the true magnitude of the gold mine of data that they have access to through their PMS and CRS, and the huge benefits that this data can offer if it’s applied correctly,” said Apo Demirtas, Founder and CEO of Intelligent Hospitality. “The new partnership between HotelIQ and Zucchetti North America will make it possible for hotels to finally realize the potential that properly using this data will create for them, both from an operational perspective (huge time-savings!) and from a commercial and revenue perspective (better, more strategic, interdepartmental, data-based decision-making equals more sales and more revenue!).”

“This partnership offers a powerful combination of technology solutions for all hotels,” said Mark Lewis-Brown, CEO and President of Zucchetti North America. “In today’s uncertain times, real-time property data, provided by HotelIQ, is key in making the right decisions to meet your property’s overall business goals. The implementation of Vertical Booking CRS will ensure that you have the most effective tool for managing your distribution and reservations management processes, helping you do more with less staff, less tech headaches and less paperwork. Overall, it’s a win/win for all hotels and, along with HotelIQ, we’re very excited about the opportunity to help hotels improve their profitability in an even greater way.”