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HotelIQ Partners with PerfectCheck to Offer Powerful Food and Beverage Forecasting and Optimization Platform

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Atlanta, GA - HotelIQ – developer and owner of HotelIQ Decision Cloud, a sophisticated analytics and business intelligence platform for global hoteliers – has announced an exciting new partnership with PerfectCheck, the premier profit optimization platform for restaurants and bars. The partnership will allow hotels to combine room and food & beverage optimization for the first time.

By integrating HotelIQ's Decision Cloud business intelligence tool with PerfectCheck’s revenue management platform, hotels can now leverage robust data and insights across their entire operation. This enables properties to make smarter decisions that will drive greater overall profitability.

The combined solution provides invaluable F&B revenue and profit optimization capabilities including demand forecasting, dynamic pricing, table & seat optimization and server performance and mentoring. Hotels can now understand both rooms and F&B business together, instead of separately, and optimize pricing, staffing, inventory and more.

This partnership offers a powerful combination of technology solutions for all hotels. Food & Beverage revenue management data, provided by PerfectCheck, is key in making the right decisions to meet your property's overall business goals. We're very excited about the opportunity to help hotels improve their profitability in an even greater way. 
Apo Demirtas, CEO of HotelIQ
We are thrilled to partner with HotelIQ. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our journey to instill food and beverage revenue optimization practices and mind-sets across the industry. By combining our expertise with HotelIQ's advanced platform, we are creating a solution that addresses the comprehensive needs of hotels, enabling them to optimize their entire operation for maximum profitability. We believe that this partnership will set a new standard in the industry, driving innovation and excellence in hotel management. 
Puneet Mahindroo, Co-founder PerfectCheck

By bringing together two best-in-class platforms, HotelIQ and PerfectCheck are providing hotels with an unrivaled integrated solution to maximize revenues across their entire business. The partnership empowers hotels to make data-driven decisions to optimize pricing and profitability across rooms and restaurants.

About HotelIQ

HotelIQ is a leading global hospitality technology company, composed of former hoteliers and technologists, offering the most sophisticated analytics and business intelligence platform for hotels’ commercial teams. HotelIQ’s Decision Cloud, enables hoteliers to make better, faster business decisions, even across siloed operational departments and, as a result, increase revenue. The solution makes it possible for hoteliers to better understand their property’s key performance metrics, and identify opportunities to increase bookings and revenue, while eliminating time-consuming manual data analysis. Using Decision Cloud, sales, marketing and revenue managers now have access to consistent, high-quality property data, via easy-to-use dashboards and comprehensive reports, making it possible for the teams to work together to identify new revenue opportunities – without leaving the solution’s digital workspace. Find out more about HotelIQ at hoteliq.io.

About PerfectCheck

PerfectCheck leads the revolution in the restaurant and bar industry with its state-of-the-art platform for demand forecasting and optimization, designed to offer food and beverage operators unmatched business insights and control. By blending advanced analytics with a user-friendly interface, PerfectCheck's "plug & play" tool encompasses performance visualization, optimization of seats and tables, menu, and server performance, all integrated seamlessly with point-of-sale systems. This innovation not only aims to boost revenue, profitability, and operational efficiency but also enables managers to concentrate on enhancing the dining experience while the system ensures business optimization through data-driven decisions and anticipates industry trends. Learn more about PerfectCheck at PerfectCheck.com.