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HotelIQ Unlocks Wider Business Intelligence Ability For The Hospitality Industry Through Partnership With Hapi


Hapi, the first disruptive open data-streaming, integration, and enrichment platform in the hospitality industry has announced a partnership with Intelligent Hospitality to provide hoteliers with unprecedented business intelligence and analytics by making it seamless to connect multiple hotel operating systems to HotelIQ.

Intelligent Hospitality joins a community of innovative hospitality technology providers that believe that open and secure exchange of data is critical to a hotel’s success. Hapi enables a cost-effective, easy and quick way to connect to property management systems (PMS) such as Oracle’s Opera.

HotelIQ, the world’s leading business intelligence platform in the hospitality industry, provides hoteliers with data-driven tools to optimize revenue and profitability such as dashboards, analytics, reports, and insights.

Our goal at Intelligent Hospitality is to arm our hotel partners with timely and actionable insights and give them the ability to easily leverage data for tactical and strategic planning and decision support. By combining HotelIQ with Hapi, hotels will be able to open up the flow of data from siloed operational systems into HotelIQ’s analytics platform that will not only eliminate the need for static manual reports but also empower decision-makers with holistic analytical views of their business that weren’t possible before.

– Apo Demirtas, Founder and CEO of Intelligent Hospitality

The Hapi data streaming platform is based on the most advanced and scalable technologies found in the Apache Kafka solution. Through this proven backbone, multiple layers of encryption, authentication, and governance are added to ensure maximum data security and efficiency for all connections and data flows. To aid hotel companies with PCI compliance, Hapi recently received PCI-DSS Level 2 certification. By providing data enrichment, connection options, scalability, and security, Hapi unleashes the potential for innovation at a low cost.

We are delighted to welcome Intelligent Hospitality to our fast-growing community of hospitality technology partners who believe that, together, we can help the industry move forward through innovation. Through this partnership, Intelligent Hospitality will be able to provide easy and cost-effective access to HotelIQ for hotels around the world at the click of a button.

– Luis Segredo, CEO of Data Travel, LLC., providers of Hapi